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Can someone start a school that focuses on History of the Blacks from Antiquity to the beginning of slavery?

This would re-build how we view ourselves. If I had the money and no how I'd do it of course I could learn how, but we need it NOW!

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Hi Ron, I feel you are speaking about two different kinds of projects.
The first: Developing a compassionate venue whereby African American Christians can find common ground and nutrition within theirown religious expressions as exercised...humm it is taking a quilt of many colors, textures and patterns and trying to make one mind.. has been a historical eonly thing I can recomend is to think what is truely a commonality among us. I mentioned the other religions that are part of the African American religious experience as often these are often also not included in the conversation (jewidhness, and Islam-Muslim) Thisis amtter one will need to spend time relfecting deeply on to come up with an idea of inspiration..truly the spirit will have to move...and give ideas..

Secondly, relating the Afro-American to Asian Culture,,,,many Africqan American havebeen intorduce to Asian Culture via the study of language, marriage into Asian Culture as well as being involved in Asian Religion like Buddhism (Herbie Hancock for example..being an ambassador, simply being present and representing in a manner that lets Asian know whatis givento them onthe press is not what really is of all of us...

I do not mind sharing of thoughts, but I can not undertake the load while you are in Asia...

Sis Teresa (Amhara-Ami)

Ron Gilmore said:
Hey Sis!

Well perhaps you can help me focus my own thoughts thus helping me construct the instrument I will use to address the Christian diaspora. I don't want to convert people to some other religion. However I do want my community to start thinking more critically about the things we accept as nutrition. I have adhd and find it difficult to conceptualize a venue or something to address this issue within a compassionate context. Any help you can provide would be most helpful. I will be living for China on or around the 1st of September and will try to put this issue in an international context as well, thus bringing my community into contact with China or Asia in general as I move around a lot in this area. Perhaps you can find some use for me whilst there. If you extend a hand I will without a doubt lift as I climb. We desperately need to network across Asian boarders as our futures depend on it We have no real representation there yet we do more business by default with China than almost anyone. So we can save ourselves time, money and energy by cutting out the middleman. I will be the Premier African American Contact....Ambassador...etc. Keep me in mind. My typing is all bad as well so please forgive any mistakes. Thanks.

All the best,

Teresa R said:
Bro Ron, sorry I am a terrible typist, but great that you got the gist of my intentions! I tend to stay far away from Religious discussions in the Afro-centric community as there has been along history of our afro-centricity and slavery adopted christian religion, the library is repleat with books on the development of Christinaity originally arising out of Africa, and the African People spread Chrisitanity in its true form exemplified by the Coptic Christians in Ethiopia, the Catholic church was an off shoot diversion for the Non Africans (Romans) who broke away from the pure christanity, not to forget the Black Jews, and Muslims...all orginated from an afro-centric view.....
Practically, I beleive you can invent a page for Afrocentricity and Christianity but the larger question becomes...whose Christanity,,,as Black Folk in their own local churches do not often form a cohesive think- mindset on how to best expand its consciouness beyond the insidious slavery and myscogynistic mentality and opressive genetics inheirant in African American Christian experience... A daunting Task ooh yeah, but a venture worh looking at! Anyway I can add to the conversation that helps to open our collective eyes...and redefining our expereince..I am in!

Sister Ami -Teresa

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