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Annual Summit Event 2016


Are You Ready to TRANSFORM Your Life,
Relationships, Business or Community?


How Would You Like an Opportunity to Expand Your Vision for yourself, your family, the Black Community and the World?



August 4th - 7th for the Annual International Black Summit Event!


The International Black Summit is a Conversation - for you, your family, your organization and your community.

  • A Conversation being given by Life to the world through people of black African descent
  • A Conversation that finds it's expression in the Declaration of the International Black Summit.




WE DECLARE ourselves, our community and all communities whole and complete. There is nothing to do except be.


WE ASSERT that we are responsible for generating community as possibility and distinction. We listen for and grant being to the possibility and creation of unpredictable results. Our conversation of, about, and for those of African descent is one of power, self generation, abundance, responsibility, unity and integrity, with the possibility of being.


WE STAND for the expression of our spirituality; ending the murders of our men, women and children; building economies responsible for funding our community; maintaining wellness of being in our bodies; providing human services; establishing nurturing relationships; altering the conversation of who we are in the media; empowering our youth.


WE DECLARE that our community manifests itself in the world as a contribution in the transformation of the universe.  (Atlanta, Georgia 1991)

OUR STORY & VISION - The International Black Summit began with a conversation between two Black women, Pat Reid-Porter and Aloma Marquis after they participated in an 8 week advance transformational workshop called Productivity and Well-Being.

They begin talking about what would be possible in the Black Community, if the technology they had learned over those eight weeks were shared with the Black Community. What would be possible, if transformational work was shared with the Black Community?

In 1991, the first Summit was held in Atlanta, Georgia. It was a remarkable event that began to reveal the real power of our community. Since then, there has been an International Black Summit Annual Event somewhere in the world every year.

Click here to register for the upcoming Annual Summit Event!


What is available through the International Black Summit?

  • An Event that takes place during the first weekend in August each year, attended by people of Black African Descent who are committed to the unfoldment of the IBS Declaration in their lives.
  • A Gathering of people of Black African Descent from diverse backgrounds, countries, lifestyle, opinions, and views who come together to celebrate and empower the vision of the IBS Declaration.
  • An Exploration of questions and Issues, which empower participants to realize their vision for the Black community and the world.
  • A Place to clear yourself to be able to hear what life is telling you.
  • It's a place to renew yourself to discover and to create your vision.
  • You will be provided with tools that will support you in the facilitation of this process. 
  • Acknowledgment, praise and celebration of who we are as a people and the contribution that we are to the world.
  • A Global shift in the conversation about who people of Black African Descent are in the world. 
  • An opportunity for participants to bring into being their vision for the Black Community and the World.
  • An opportunity for participants to see and to hear what they have in common and it's a place to realize individual and collective visions for the community. We are all connected.
  • An opportunity for participants to begin reinventing themselves, their family, their organization and their community.

Click here to register for the 25th Annual Summit Event!

If what you are reading calls to you, speaks to you or resonates with you, then join us next year for the transformational experience 

Here are a few comments from our participants:


"At once a skeptic, now a true believer in the IBS experience.  It was truly cleansing.  great people, great fun, great personal growth." 

Rodney, Toronto, ON - Canada

“The International Black Summit has touched me very deeply.  Whatever it is that Slavery has taken from me and from all people of Black African decent.  I say that the Summit puts it back. I’m talking about religion (spirit) dignity and  self-esteem. I’m talking about love and appreciation  for who you are and what you provide. I’m talking about you matter and so do all of us.”

Nancy Simmons - New York, NY - USA


“The Summit conversation provides the best set of tools and road maps for me to live my life in a creative and empowered way. Through my participation in the Summit conversation, I have developed partnerships with others who share my vision of building economies responsible for funding our community; relationships that allow me to mirror my best and grow in my weak areas; and an internal conversation to live my life powerfully and with purpose.”

 Clara Lyons-Devaughn - Cherry Hill, NJ - USA


“What I like so much about IBS is that it does not dictate how I must be in the world….It only helps me to see that the world is in me.”

Theresa McCoy - New York, NY - USA


We would love to have you join us - Click here to register!

Summit Support Program

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IBS Declaration

YOUTH Scholarship(s)

YOUTH, ages 8-17, may request financial assistance to attend the Prerequisite and/or the Annual Summit Event. Click link below to download an application.

J. K. Young Memorial Scholarship Fund

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