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The International Black Summit is a Conversation that is being given by life, to the world, through people of Black African Descent.




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Join Us For The

29th Annual Summit Event

August 1st - 4th, 2019

Detroit, MI

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The PURPOSE Of The International Black Summit


The Purpose of the International Black Summit is to provide an opportunity for participants to bring into being their vision for the black community and the world.

The Purpose Of The International Black Youth Summit

"We exist to facilitate the connection, self-expression and empowerment of young people of African descent around the world.

We are young people making our visions real in our communities and exemplifying the principles of youth, transformation, love and possibility as a powerful approach
to the universe."

The Purpose Of The International Black Young Adult Summit

To provide an opportunity for participants, ages 18 to 35, a space for reflection, communication, mentorship and growth, through vision creation and implementation.  This conversation empowers young adults to powerfully transition to adulthood equipped for global success.

The Declaration Of The International Black Summit


WE DECLARE ourselves, our community and all communities whole and complete. There is nothing to do except be.


WE ASSERT that we are responsible for generating community as possibility and distinction. We listen for and grant being to the possibility and creation of unpredictable results. Our conversation of, about, and for those of African descent is one of power, self generation, abundance, responsibility, unity and integrity, with the possibility of being.


WE STAND for the expression of our spirituality; ending the murders of our men, women and children; building economies responsible for funding our community; maintaining wellness of being in our bodies; providing human services; establishing nurturing relationships; altering the conversation of who we are in the media; empowering our youth.


WE DECLARE that our community manifests itself in the world as a contribution in the transformation of the universe.


Atlanta, Georgia October 7, 1991


From the 21st Annual International Black Summit in Chicago Aug 4th-7th, 2011

2017-18 International Black Summit QUESTION:

"As I embrace ALL aspects of myself,

including RAGE and FEAR,

what is available

for the transformation of the universe?"



Summit Support Program

Help Fund the Expansion of the International Black Summit!!!

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IBS Declaration

YOUTH Scholarship(s)

YOUTH, ages 8-17, may request financial assistance to attend the Prerequisite and/or the Annual Summit Event. Click link below to download an application.

J. K. Young Memorial Scholarship Fund

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