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Should we revisit Desegregation and reverse it?

 All this time in this country and we still have nothing but some ridiculous pride about desegregation and things of that sort. I say lets bring back segregation because if you read history you'll realize, that is when the black community had the most cohesiveness, Black Wall Street, our own School Districts, by now we'd have radio, TV and whatever else sowed up. But we fell for the okey doke again. Even the religion we follow mostly in this country was spoon fed to us by the treacherous slave masters who killed us, raped us, tore our families apart...etc. and we still on that tip with them, even though history shows us that the bible is nothing but a whole lot of black authors, yet White Jesus is something that we have lived with for hundreds of years NO question. No real difference with the Muslims either as that was not the Black African religion. But if we go that far back then we realize that the same white racist are no more than descendants of the Cro-magnon man who was a descendant of the Grimaldi tribes of Europe who were descendants of the original man and woman on earth, Black Africans! The situation we are in now is like: Preteens(stereotypical white people) running the household, directing the parents and grandparents(Black people) while the infants(Asians and Semites) are trying to do the same damn thing, just runnin all over the parents. This ish is insane! We better start looking at what is and jump back on the trail our ancestors set before us because we are headed for an enormous fall bigger and more catastrophic than we have ever seen. Trust me slavery will look like a walk in the park! 

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