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So let me re-phaze for a moment... when I stated in my last blog that I had a few demons in my past that came to surface, a few (namely the person I was referring to) thought that I was calling him a actual demon.  This is Not the case!  I was merely speaking figuratively... and was not calling him an actual Demon.   But I pose this question now, what would you call a person that runs out on their child that was just born because his family doesn't approve of the way he choose to live his life.  What do you call a person that runs to another state to flee the reponsibilty of his own flesh & blood.....  I call this person any thing but a MAN.  A real man does not question what he KNOWS to be fact no matter what his family argues.... A real man does not run but faces responsibility as an oppurtunity to better himself to be a better person than those who oppose him.  I may be a woman, but i'm strong enough to raise my child, go to school myself while paying for private school for my daughter, maintaining my own home, my own car (basically handling ALL mine), a busy schedule @ a national level with a full time career, and still have time to maintain an healthy and active social life.  Whatever ur position on this subject.... The moral to this story is that there is no excuse for abandoning ur child!!! No matter what ur momma or ur wife have to say.... No excuses!!!!

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Comment by Karma Foreal on March 26, 2012 at 12:22pm
The last time I checked it takes 2 to make a child. You talk about your past "demons" coming back, but you have your own personal "demons" to deal with. Where is your responsibility in that situation? You knew he was married when you started messing with him but didn't care. You hoped & bet everything that getting pregnant would cause him to leave his wife & children; & not only when he didn't leave his wife & children, you became irate when you found out his WIFE was pregnant?!? Then your due date changed at least 3xs so don't know when you really got pregnant. I'm not defending him in any way shape or form, but you make sound as if you were innocent & a victim in a situation you planned & created. There are several victims of that crazy unnecessary situation, but YOU & HE are no where on that list. You want someone to be angry at go look in the mirror. If anything you owe his WIFE & CHILDREN an apology for your triflin behavior, but you know karma is real & one day you will know the pain & destruction of your selfish actions, & maybe then you will look in the mirror.

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