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GIVE: "Rwandans at the International Black Summit"

GIVE: "Rwandans at the International Black Summit"
Dear Friends and family,
I am writing to you as an appeal to assist Rwandans in attending the
upcoming International Black Summit in Baltimore, Maryland August 5th
– 8th.

As many of you know, I recently returned from Rwanda, Africa. Like
many places around the world that have experienced devastation and
truama due to war, the recovery process can be long and hard. Such is
the case with Rwandans having experienced genocide 16 years ago in
1994. The impact of this genocide is profound. Over 800,000 people
were brutally killed. There are those who emerged from the ashes of
this tragedy as gatekeepers and champions committed to empowering
Rwanda into a transformation which paves the way for future
possibility now and in the future.

With this in mind, I introduce you to two people, Dora and Issa. They
served as guides during the retreat that I attended. Thoughout my time
in Rwanda, I observed Dora and Issa each day. They are co-founders of
an organization called “Memos” whose purpose is to educate and empower
youth about the genocide and put in place systems to prevent its
reoccurance in the future. The idea for the organization came after
Issa and a group of youth were cleaning the streets and stumbled upon
the bones of a child. They wanted to create something positive in
response to this tragic moment and started “Memos” which means

From my observations of Dora and Issa, they are givers. They gave to
our group, they gave to their families, they gave to their community
and I was most moved and inspired by the gift that they are to the

It is in this spirit of giving that I request you contribute towards
Dora and Issa coming to the USA and attending the International Black
Summit. I make this request with confidence that their participation
will make a difference and they will pay it forward to the world in a
profound way.

I don't know what they will gain from attending the Summit and being
in the Summit Conversation. In my heart, I feel that their attendance
will be a gift to them, a gift to us, and a gift to Rwanda in ways we
can not know.

I ask that you look and see what Spirit is saying to you about
contributing towards this cause. I personally believe that the
ancestors are calling on our Spirit to be touched in this space of

When I was in Rwanda, I heard and felt the Spirit of the Declaration
everywhere I went. When we went to the Romero site, I felt as if the
bones were speaking the Declaration of the International Black Summit
to me. I could see the expression of distinctions of the Summit and
the Declaration everywhere I went in Rwanda. This energy was so deep
and profound that it is still with me today and in that spirit I felt
compelled to write this letter and make this request that Dora and
Issa are supported in attending the Summit this year. Indeed, this is
divinely ordered.

Again, I ask you to connect with Spirit and look to see how much you
can and will contribute towards this cause. Already Issa has been
asking his friends and raising funds on himself. He is turned on by
the Declaration and has said, "There will be a Summit in Rwanda!" When
I shared with him about the "alignment" process, he said, "I
understand and I am ready."

To make a contribution you can send a check or money order to by address at:

Lorraine Warren
1269 Mosswood Chase
Tallahassee, Florida 32312

Note: Please make checks payable to Lorraine Warren and write in the
re: Rwandans to the Summit


Call me and we can talk about the best way to collect your funds.

I estimate the total cost of airfare, hotel, visa and other expenses
to come to the Summit to be approximately $6, 000. So far, we have
raised approximately $1.000. Both Issa and Dora will register for the
Summit on their own via the website once that is confirmed to be up
and running.

It is recommended that we purchase the airline tickets, which total
$333.00 on or before June 15thish, in order to take advantage of early
purchase rates. So, please send your contribution as soon as possible.

I thank you in advance on behalf of myself, Issa, Dora and everyone
everywhere who may be impacted by their participation.

Please look, please listen, please GIVE.

Lorraine Warren
Call me! Make a pledge! (850) 590-3418

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Comment by whiteman on July 8, 2010 at 10:51pm
You haven't heard from me in a while. I am working at a Peace
building camp in VA with children from all over the US and Iraq. I
teach the Dialogue and Peacebuilding class.

I wanted to update you on the "Rwandans at the Summit!" Dora has her
visa. Issa and Alain (two gentlemen) have their visa interviews on
July 12th.

I am also aware that some Kenyans who plan to come to the Summit in
Baltimore have their Visa interviews on July 12 as well.


I am still raising funds to assist with some of the expenses of the
Rwandans when they arrive here. If you will donate, you can do so via
my paypal account at:


Mail your contribution to:

Lorraine Warren
c/o Auset O'Neal
25 Locust Street
Jersey City, NJ 07305

Thank you and I look forward to seeing everyone at the Summit. All in
divine right order.

Comment by whiteman on June 11, 2010 at 10:50am
To complete the payment for airline tickets for Dora and Issa from
Rwanda to attend the Summit, $512 is required. If you have been
waiting to see if this is going to happen, please don't wait any
longer. YOUR contribution will make it happend. Go to
and send funds to as a personal gift so they wont
charge additional fees.

YOU are THE ONE YOU have been waiting for. After the airline tickets
are purchased, I will begin to think of creative ways to fund the
reminder of their expenses.

THANK YOU, again to the 23 people who have given or promised to give
already adn the one person who gave twice!

Lorraine Warren
Comment by whiteman on May 28, 2010 at 12:06pm
Hi Summit Body,

I am forwarding to you an e-mail I received from Issa, one of the
people I am fund-raising for to be at the Summit. This e-mail tells
me that Issa and Dora are already sharing the Declaration and
possibility of the Summit with their friends, family and colleges. So,
now we have the possibility of 3 Rwandans being at the Summit. The
third person expressing that he is able to pay for his own airline

Please contribute towards Issa and Dora's being able to come to the
Summit. My intention is to have the total amount of their airline
tickets raised by June 15th so we can purchase tickets at a discount.

I NOW HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT UNDER THE EMAIL ADDRESS: Please GIVE and support the further unfoldment of
this amazing possibility.

In Love,
(See email from Issa below)
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Issa Higiro
Date: Thu, 27 May 2010 22:48:50 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: Letter of Invitation
To: Lorraine Warren
Cc: ud do , alain songa

Hi sister Lorraine!

Hope every thing is going on well, hey we have a profound
and outstanding member of memos also a co-founder who would like to participate
at the Summit. He is willing to pay his flight cost. Here is his name and
job title:

Principal State Attorney in Legislative Drafting/ Ministry of Justice Rwanda.

He was deeply moved when Dora shared the Summit information with him.
He was very sad not to meet you during your stay here during the
retreat because he has
lots of responsibilities and was very busy.

He speaks French and English but French is his main

Can you please get in touch direct with Alain and I have given
him a cc on this mail as well as Dora.

I will be very pleased if he is part of the team from Rwanda.

And as I have said to you last night that Dora also needs an
Invitation though she has a visa such that can enable her to enter USA.

Sister, please let me
stop here,

I fill don’t want to stop but sincerely every one is missing
you this end.


Yours truly,

Comment by whiteman on May 27, 2010 at 6:36pm
Dear Friends and Family,

As I LISTEN and continue to look to see what it will take to have Dora
and Issa be present at the International Black Summit this year, I
NOTICED that I need to kept clearing myself to be willing to ASK
people to contribute towards this vision and to be present in each
moment, LISTENING.

I am enjoying reconnecting with folks and SHARING my experience of the
Summit, the Declaration, the Distinctions, and the difference it has
made in my life.

One person said, "And, what is this Declaration?" I was glad I could
recite it verbatum and I did.

There are some folks who were NOT intending to come to the Summit who
are now looking or putting into place what it would take to be there.
Conrad is hosting a Summit Share on June 19th in NYC. He will send
more information out soon! I will be there!

I have some friends coming to Thursday night who asked "can white
people come to the Summit?" They even offered to be there just to
assist and serve us.

I am thinking to myself: this will be the 20th year of the Summit and
I don't know why Spirit is calling on me to be there. However, if
there is one thing I know for sure, that is, when Spirit speaks it is
easier to not resist.

I ASK that one person contribute $350 TODAY so that the total raised
for Rwandans to be at the Summit will be $2000 as of TODAY.

This will leave approximately $1600 dollar more to be raised to secure
their airfare! I ASK that eveyone reading this e-mail GIVE.

Will you be the one to contribute $350 today? Will you be one of the
ones to GIVE?

By the way, we are planning a "Night Cap" sometime prior to the Summit
on either Wednesday or Thursday night to acknowledge and honor all
those who contributed towards this vision!

Thank you for your contribution,
Call me: 850-590-3418


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