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Amazon And Ecampus and Those Who They Distribute to Hi Jack My Book, Blowing The Whistle

Jacqueline Amos
Brooklyn NY

Ecampus tried to steal my design, they added there logo on my cover, copyrights below, this is racism, Idenity theft, And Tax Evasion, Who do Amazon claim to be the Author of this book, and how do they file there income taxes under somebody else name, this author taxes is being put in jepordy, because Amazon is claiming taxes on someone else property, there is no contract with Amazon, or publish america, which contract is over, please read letter from publish america, is Amazon above the law, they are selling my book for 48.00 world wide, please see links below. this book has been hijack

I wanted to share this with you, it seems un believable as big as this company is, there racism continues to live, I an supplying you documented facts, how racism is alive, I am a black author, I have written many books of my brothers, and the empowerment of strong black men, I will never stop promoting my king, but to be a author, there is a price to pay, when truth pravails,, I am going to let you be the judge of this, being a black woman, lawyers do not like to take there cases, especially if it is against one of there culture, what have we learn about theft, tax evasion, I brought this story to the public, please read, this big major company on the internet world wide, is keeping all the money from this book, I cant even promote or sell, it has been hijack,

There are many other companies that Amazon is supplying my books too, you will see that when review, Amazon Hi Jacked my book, and stole my money. this is documented fact.
I sent documents to Amazon requesting they remove my book from there site, nevertheless they ignored me, one might think why would they target me? well they targeted me, because one of there sellers, was selling my book on ebay, they stole the rights to sale my book, the name of the company books from California, Amazon copyright department told me they would remove it, but they didn’t, my book is selling for 58 dollars as well as 48.00 world wide, Lawyers are scared of Amazon, so they are scared to handle a high profile case, I have written proof that Amazon stole my book, they acknowledge my book was infringed on, so they stated they would remove it, below are the links where Amazon have been selling my books for quit some time, I have not recieved any royalities from this book, the publisher who publish this book, states they have no connection with Amazon, and they are selling my book without there pemission, my contract was over with the publisher of my book, I received an email from there copyright attorney, but they are still selling my books world wide. these are my supporting documents.

This is the email I recieve from Amazon,
Dear Ms. Amos,
We have removed the title from and it is in process of removal from We purchased 2 copies of your book for but have no record of sales. These are the dates we purchased the title:
These were both apparently during the period of time your title was under license to the publisher.
Adrian Garver
Copyright/Trademark Agent
---- Original message: ---- this company tried to steal the design of my book, they used there logo, stating they are the creator of this design.
I sent them 3 emails to romove my book they refuse, they kept all the money to my book, Amazon is collecting all the royalities and moneys from my book
There are many others these links or just a few, I am trying to show you, where Amazon said they took my book of there site, knowing they stole my copy rights, and stole my idenity.
This is the information I sent Amazon below, they still didn't remove my book.
There attorneys recognize they stole my book, you will see below, where they said they would remove it.

This is where I asked them to remove my book imeaditly, Cease and return my royalities

Dear Sir
We are the proprietors of all copyright in a literary/artistic/musical work
entitled _In My Fathers House __9781591296034. ISBN10:
159129603X_________________________(The "Work"). We have reserved all rights
in the Work, which was first expressed in material form on ___Jan
It has come to our attention that your work entitled ___In My Fathers House
__9781591296034. ISBN10: 159129603X__________________________ is
identical/substantially similar to our copyrighted Work. Permission was
neither asked nor granted to reproduce our Work and your Work therefore
constitutes infringement of our rights. In terms of the Copyright Statutes,
we are entitled to an injunction against your continued infringement, as
well as to recover damages from you for the loss we have suffered as a
result of your infringing conduct.
In the circumstances, we demand that you immediately:
1. remove all infringing content and notify us in writing that you have
done so;
2. credit all infringing content to ourselves in the following manner: __BY
3. pay a licensing fee in the amount of __200,000___________________;
4. immediately cease the use and distribution of copyrighted material;
5. deliver-up for destruction all unused or undistributed copies;
6. undertake in writing to desist from using any of our copyrighted Work in
future without prior written authority from us.
We await to hear from you by no later than close of business on ___August
16 2010_______________________.
This is written without prejudice to our rights, all of which are hereby
expressly reserved.
Yours faithfully,
Author Jacqueline Amos
259 Eldert Street
Brooklyn NY 11207

 This is my copyrights to this book
World Wide Online Creator's Registry Inc.
>> SEAL™ File Certificate
>> Copyright or Intellectual Property Owners
>> Owner : jacqueline amos
>> Let it be known by the presence of this document that WorldWideOCR has
>> Substantiated, Encrypted, Archived and Locked the Copyrights and/or
>> Intellectual Properties contained in the file named '4995_415491.jpg'
>> and described as ' In My Father's House: Fruits of His Gar'.
>> Work Type: Artists Rendering
>> Original file path: 159129603X.jpg
>> Est. Date of Creation: JAN 12, 2003
>> Est. Date of Publication: JUNE 2004
>> Work Abstract: Design created by Jacqueline Amos,
>> Jacqueline Amos design her book cover, but the image was created in
>> 2003, No one have permission to use this design but the owner, Book
>> Cover, All rights reserved, no one can not use this image without
>> written permission from the owner .this design is the owner of
>> Jacqueline Amos.
>> ____________________________________________________
>> Here is your portion of the SEAL(TM) Key:
>> 268E1901D23741C9B068C7D2499A84

This is where Amazon is continuing to sell my book world wide, these links or active.
this lady removed my book from ebay when I told her I was going to sue
her, but she is still selling my books
this book store is selling my books world wide

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