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Hi my brothers and sisters, I want to tell u how the life of the inner city is that I am around. Drug dealers, nhomelessness,dropouts.people who lack of love for each other ,education, economics,vision,voice or opinion,trust, lack of telling the truth about our history,safety,lack of good fathers & mothers.But let me say this there are some good parents out there and we are not going to hear those stories because there is not enough black media to cover our positive stories.I want to ask the black-middle-class a question? Are we part of god's divine family? Why do u come back & help aid us so we could be strong again.But sad to say we as a people don't talk to each other at all.After all let's make it right please.Let me tell u about my searching, my calling the first time week of july of last year .I called the summit show. The show was ON TRACK buy HENRIETTA BYRD after that I cried." excuse me for a second I have to gather myself." Ok I'm good now . I began the path to the summit. After that I started tuning in every week on sunday no matter what! If i was sick or busy it did'nt stop me; all I could feel was myself growing a little at a time & getting stronger. See I Believe in God in hid divine leadership at all times. I'm not going to question it but something is happening in my life that is great. So I kept on & listening to th show even sometimes on Tuesday 's brother Glenn was hosting the wealth& health shows to. I'm sorry every other tuesday. So a few months later the first show that i help CO-HOSTED with Glenn was the seven principles of Kwanzza and I went on my first retreat in Cherry Hill, New Jersey I was so happy because the fellowship is a good high that I loved. At the retreat umm it was fun, see when u have a part of the inpact of the people of African Descent this makes the fun work worth while & us as a people we have the right to make the earth beautiful. I became finally on Jan 8 of this year a member of INTERNATIONAL BLACK SUMMIT, Check that out now speed up a little in time. I have been on two leadership conference calls & I help again CO-HOSTED another show again with my brother Glenn two weeks ago on BLACK MILLIONAIRES. and also Iam on the weekly conference call at 8:00 am it fun to. We try to impact the summit to make the black families strong globally. See, when u believe in God,God will change your life for thr better look at me! FROM THE INNER CITY TO THE SUMMIT LAST JULY 2009 TO NOW & I am still learning. Like our talk-show-host team we have a saying IT ALL GOOD for our race.Like I always say this peace to all of u & families be well & stay strong. Or, the last thing that i want to say to our brothers & sisters in the inner city, I am here for u always no matter what people say i love u the good & the bad. To my dear close friend of mine she told me this; WE ARE ALL PART OF GOD' S FAMILY. Keep it in mind.

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Comment by JERRY THOMAS on July 11, 2010 at 5:13pm
brownsville in the house
Comment by JERRY THOMAS on July 11, 2010 at 5:06pm
I hear that im a talk-show host - for I.B.S. every sunday night at 8:00 to 9:00 one hour the number 646-716-9827 press 1 if u my queen want to talk . Tonight I be co-host with another brother his name is glen hope to hear from u .And also after the show we have the oxegen room it only for 30 minutes 9:00 to 9:30 that number is 218-862-6420 -asset number is-797-4834# hope u call peace.
Comment by Lady Blues Jacqueline Amos on July 11, 2010 at 2:05pm
Is this bushwick only the strong survive, blessings my king

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