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My Allegiance To God And My King

On this day and last occasion ; I promise to you my royal King, that I the Queen shall be the shadow of your eyes and truth, You shall never walk alone, life or death, I shall lead you to the gates of heaven, seek not the flesh my King, for I am spirit, and my heart beat will guide you to the promise land my King, I am the blue print of your love, I am the alpha the Omega, the link between the heaven and earth, lean your back against mine my King, I promise that I shall be the angel of your voice, from the womb to the DNA, to the creations, as I lay awaiting your rib, for there is none greater than you my royal King, , until the almighty God say rest daughter, sleep child , the voice when life says, , I shall be the reflection of your eyes, when the Almighty God whispered in your ear, he said rise my son, for you are the begotten son, let not the world steal the jewels; I give to thee. For there is none greater than you, I pledge allegiance to the cross, that my brother shall walk with the torch, and he shall bring his brothers home, for he is the royalty of your love dear God, for he is the DNA of the son, and then the spirit spoke,

Moses said go into solitude my brother, he said fast the mind, he said be humble, for the words of God shall follow, as those who come before you, and humble was there, and the royal King said to the spirit, I shall bring my brothers home, and then there was the Prophet Solomon who was hated by his family, persecuted, and Solomon never gave up, because he knew that God would bring him home, and he reached up, and God gave him all the blessings; that he suffered under the tortures of mind, And then there was Job; oh the story that shall never be forgotten, the devil who tortured the brother, who had faith an never gave up, and God said to the devil do not kill my creation Job, and then Job never denounced God, oh my brother how many times have you heard this story, my brothers have you not felt the same pain, I pledge allegiance my brother that you shall save the lamb,

God never leaves us, we leave him, My brothers I come in the name of the Royal Black King Jesus, who comes in many names, have you felt the pain as he, you are only here to prove your loyalty to the one God, I promise my King that I shall wear the seal of your love, for I am nothing without you my King, Fear not the world, there is a vision my King, Gather at the table save your children, my King love your sisters, teach them my King what you want from a Queen, teach them my King, that it is not the lustful demon that touch your heart, my King teach them that all men or individuals, and bring the Gap together, God said a man who dose not take care is family is lower than dirt, fear not the pass mistakes in your life,

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