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The Spiral of LIfe at the Oakland Convention Center

Last night - Monday Jan 4th - I was on the semi-monthly conference call with with the Summit Leadership Council and I was sitting outside the site of the 1993 Annual Summit Event - the Oakland Convention Center. This was also the 1st Leadership call of the New Year, heck of the new Decade!

I thought this was kinda' interesting given I had no intention of being in California, nor did I have any intention of being in downtown Oakland. I was enjoying my usual Christmas holiday in Arizona with my folks. As life would have it, an idea (vision) I had been thinking for the past 2-3 years came into being - that if I didn't have my usual November-February-Valentine's-Day gig, it would be nice to hang out in Arizona until the GREAT THAW in Chicago - whenever that occurred, do some No Out There seminars and workshops and possibly go to California do some workshops/seminars and hang out with family, friends and pal around with some of my spiritual/metaphysical heroes.

I had a feeling in October that I wouldn't be getting that gig - and I didn't, so I broached an idea I had mentioned to my dad some years back about driving to California, during my visit. He could visit his brother, my uncle Pete, and I could visit my friends and spiritual/metaphysical folk. Uncle Pete had wanted me to come give him some computer instruction in October while I was in Arizona chauffeuring Dad and Mom around after Dad's knee replacement surgery. I declined and said, "I'll be back for Christmas. Let's look at doing something then.".

Uncle Pete called a few days after I landed in Arizona for Christmas asking when I was coming. I spoke with Dad. Since I had the time, he was delighted. We came up with a couple of different scenarios. Sunday after New Years, Jan 3rd.

We arrived about 8:30pm at Uncle Pete's. The drive had been pleasant until a patch of ugly on I-5 (folks passing on the right!) . Dad attributed the volume to people returning home after a long weekend or the racetrack exit. Fortunately, the last 40 miles on I-5 before Hwy 580 were a blessing!

So Monday evening, after a beautiful sunny day, a wonderful lunch at Miss Pearl's at Jack London's Wharf and a brief lesson for Uncle Pete wherein he cancelled his AOL paid account, I was on my way to visit my friend Meredith,, who lives in San Leandro.

When I called her to tell her I was about to get on the Hwy, she told me she was enroute to return a car - at the Oakland Convention Center.

Now this wouldn't necessarily have registered on me except that earlier in the day I had passed said Convention Center when we took a few wrong turns to pick up a friend of my uncle Pete for that luncheon. The friend lives on 10th street.

So given this had been the 2nd or 3rd time IN ONE DAY that the Convention Center was in my sights (picking up uncle Pete's friend, dropping her off) I thought - I wonder if the creator is attempting to IM me!

I decided to check out the questions for the 1993 Summit to see if they offered any insights for me since this was the Summit where I attended as a Local Enfoldment Manager for the Chicago Area and left it as an Enfoldment Commando and Facilitator Trainee.

The inquiry I lived my life from going into the 1993 Summit:- Oakland, California - Who or what must I be in order to transform the black community and the world? Here is the inquiry I lived my life from as I departed the 1993 Summit: What is my relationship to grace in regards to acknowledgement, abundance, wealth and well-being? (Those who participate in the Summit take on living our lives inside of an inquiry or declaration from the end of one Summit to the end of the next. That's about a year.)

As I think about the Leadership Body Conference Call and the topics we discussed: completion of the Operations Team, management of the day-to-day Summit requirements, Summit Teams, Team Rosters, Accountabilities, Registration rates, etc. probably BOTH of these inquiries are timely right now.

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